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Welcome graphic Edit

sorry about the site i'm tring to fix it as we speek. Ummm tripod doesn't have enuff bannedwith so I'm going to make a new gold eyes so we will be moveing soon it should take around a mouth might be more sorry to trubble you.

update 8 juily: I've done a few things like make a top site, move a few things around. A few new pictures. I made some of the bio better. Edit

update july 3 2002: I've  made some of the bio better. A few updates to duel now online.please vote for this sire it has joined a new top site. new poll. I added a new page called games there not too much there yet but there is some. Edit

Duel now online Edit

updates june 27: yes summer is here and there's no school. I've add new music. If I've A f f i l i a t e  with your site and you don't see it up yet please email me and tell me ( I think i got them all but when my comeputer went out I might have forgoten one). more pack pictures up. New card pictures too. Edit

paks Edit

update june 21: I have my bio up and.... yes fanly my comeputer is fixed ^-^. Edit

sorry sorry, The part of my comeputer is brocken so i could not update sorry, I'm at my grandmas so i can use the net I'm here tell sunday... about  A f f i l i a t e if I A f f i l i a t e with your site but have not put up your banner please sent your url I don't have it here, it's at home and if you sent me email I'll try to awser it today ( might take a bit) sorry, and ya I have yu-gi-oh cards I'll list them later, bye for now. ( I'm going to check my email by now I must have around 1000!) Edit

update may 27 2002: new Affiliates Edit

update 26 2002: as you can see this site has now A f f i l i a t e with a few more sites and later today i'll put up some more banners to A f f i l i a t e sites. You now can Duel here but it sucks.

may 25 2002: I know my site has been off line too much this week so soon i'll make a part B so that if one gose off line you can go to  part B sound good. This site has been going down on the top sites this mouth so can you plaese vote for this site. oh yes one more thing i'm looking for site to A f f i l i a t e with if you would like to send me an email. As you can see this site is now A f f i l i a t e  with some sites. Plus new pictures. Edit

update may 22 2002: new page fan art. Edit

update may 21 2002: sorry i didn't update on the 20 but i was out all day I've added new pictures and tomrrow i'll add fan art if you would like you's on this site email it to me.More songs. Edit

update may 19: i add a song to this page as you can here it's a song from zelda. Edit

update may 16 2002: new pictures Edit

update may 13: sorry for not updating my site but i was on a holiday so i was not home to do updates. ok i put up canadas Episode Reviews so now you can see the u.s Episode Reviews and canadas. Edit

update may 6 2002: new page card paks Edit

update may 1: New pictures Edit

updates apirl 29 : Episode Reviews Edit

Update 27 2002: I've added some quizes. Guest book down a bit on this page. Edit

update 26 2002: More screen shots.I put up a chat room so have fun!!!!

Updates 25, 2002: New screen shots. and a few new pictures plus you can now get free email!!! Edit

Updates sat. apirl 20 , 2002 :  Episode Reviews , I put up todays episode. Edit

I'll try to get the newist info about Yu-Gi-Oh. Edit

 A f f i l i a t e Edit

my_bannerforrwa.jpeg Edit

shest_sb.gif Edit

my_cool_site.jpg Edit

:: Bakura's Hell :: Edit

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button.jpeg Edit

i_love_kaiba.jpg Edit

joeysbanner.jpeg Edit

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gold eyes poll of the mouth
who strategy would you use in a duel?
yami yugi / yugi muto
yami bakura/ bakura
joey wheeler
seto kabia
paradox brothers

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This site started April 7, 2002. Edit

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