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Ok so some of you don't want/know how to make a wishlist well i'm here to help give me 50 gold per line and i'll make you one just give me your email so i can send it to. you get it in a bmp so if you want to save it later on as something other then that you have the main one. Oh yeah please tell me the TWO colors you want it to be done in k.

Read the rules fast

-Each line has 5 to six items in it " depends on the size of the item"
-50 gold per line: you pay by the line
-gold must be sent affter I have replyed and said it's done
-Name the two colors you want
-tell me your email so i can send it to you
-it comes as a .bmp  



Other ones I have made!

What's New?

Pay by grid
-3X3: is 100g
-6X6: 200g
-12X12: 400g
or you can pay by line read above 

1000g for one like below